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HF (2013-11-28)

Let's Talk About Equality

During the few years long cooperation with the Dutch from Arnhem and the Genderland province (the province is a partner of Lubelskie voivodeship) we got an idea to organize a few days long meeting in order to have a serious discussion on the topic of equality. However, it's not supposed to be a lesson given by the more experienced  Dutch nor a massive public event which in the end makes no difference. Our goal is to organize few small discussion groups with whom you could talk about challenges of our times which cities like Lublin or Arnhem have to face in order not to discriminate, but rather help, those who are worse off due to external factors. What we want is to put into practice the concept of basic human rights.

Let's talk!

Between 29th November and 1st December 2012 we will invite a group of Dutch representatives to Lublin: city council members, representatives of the police force, of the Gerderland province anti-discrimination bureau and the COC. In groups and sub-groups we'll talk,, about the functions of the local administration, education, work of the police force and non-governmental organisations. We'd also like to invite you to a public debate, where everyone will be able to ask our Dutch guests if the grass is really greener in their country.

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Is the grass greener in the Netherlands? (Warto poczytać)


As a part of preparations to the autumn series of meetings, we invited three guests from the Netherlands to visit us in Lublin between 26th and 28th of May: Ellis Lestrerade from the Police Academy and Guus Bremera with Jeffrey Leuverman from the COC.In the course of their visit they met with:
- first inspector Edyta Naja-Pasek, Human Rights Chief of Police's Proxy,
- professor Grzegorz Janusz, Dean of the Political Sciences Faculty of the UMCS (Wydział Politologii UMCS),
- dr Agnieszka Rybczyńska, rector of Business and Administration College (Wyższa Szkoła Przedsiębiorczości i Administracji), assistant professor at UMCS' Human Rights Institution (Zakład Praw Człowieka UMCS),
- Krzysztof Łątka, administrator of the Lublin's Medical University Non-investment Projects Institute (Wydział Projektów Nieinwestycyjnych UM),
- Piotr Choroś and Anna Machocka from the Cooperation with Non-Governmental Organisations project (Referat ds. Współpracy z Organizacjami Pozarządowymi).
- Roman Jaborkhel from the Lublin's Medial University Culture Institute,
- Joanna Sałapa from the International Cooperation project (Referat ds. Współpracy Międzynarodowej),
- Anna Szadkowska and Justyna Choroś from UNDP,
- Tomasz Kalbarczyk from I. J. Padarewski Public Middle School in Lublin,
- Agnieszka Ziętek from Lublin edition of Krytyka Polityczna, 
and the Homo Faber Association, in particular with Piotr Skrzypczak, Kinga Kulik, Anna Dąbrowska and Magdalena Kawa, supported by Magdalena Łuczyn who works with the Dutch COC.

During the meetings we discussed and prepared the schedule of the autumn series of meetings. The next step is to invite other organisations and institutions to the event and further, confirmation of sponsors and putting the finishing touches on the event schedule.

We deeply hope that this discussion will be an important, serious and eye-opening event!

translation: Maciej Sadlak

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