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HF (2013-11-28)

This year we’ve joined the national Masz Głos Masz Wybór (You Have a Voice, You Have a Choice) event. We're in charge of a sub-event called the Accessible Council (Dostępni Radni). We want to ask the citizens of Lublin if they know their city council representatives, have they ever contacted them and if so, then how often they do that? In what way do they prefer to contact them? We'd like to hear your opinions.

As a part if the event, we plan the following:

1. A survey for the citizens and/or a petition
2. Promotional video
3. Meetings with the city council members
4. Discussion on what means of communication between the council members and the voters could be used
5. Sending the proposal of the means of communication to the City Council, chosen from the following:
- personal message boxes for the city council members
- e-mail address
- contact form
- online chat
- duty for meetings
- recordings from the sittings
- online discussion board
- Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.
- group meetings
- a special hour for meetings with citizens
- newsletter
6. A handy guidebook for our citie’s citizens along with some tips from the rest of the country.

The event is being organised by Fundacja im. S. Batorego and Szkoła Liderów. Other organisations, like Stowarzyszenie Liderów Lokalnych Grup Obywatelskich, Pracownia Zrównoważonego Rozwoju, Pracownia Badań and Innowacji Społecznych Stocznia joined the organising group.

Masz Głos Masz Wybór (You Have a Voice, You Have a Choice) can be participated in by groups of citizens, non-governmental organisations, libraries, schools, cultural centres and local media who cooperate with the local government.
The best ideas on cooperation between the city council and the citizens will be awarded with Super Samorząd 2012 prize. The awards will be given to the contestants, the organisations working with them and the representatives of the local government.


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