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HF (2013-11-28)

There is a growing number people in Poland who are active in their community and are interested in the needs of others. We would like to see even more of Committed Citizens, and that is why we have decided to look for them and equip them with tools, which would help them change their environment – civil knowledge and reporter skills. We invite all the active and the concerned to the first edition of the project: Citizens on the horizon.

From June to November 2013, selected teams are going to undergo Internet and stationary course, which will develop their civil skills (knowledge about rights and obligations, guarding/control methods, exercising one’s rights for the common interest) and reporter skills (documentation of the undertaken activities). All those tools are to help participants initiate positive change in their communities and to integrate it for action. Apart from the course and consulting on-line with the civil actions experts and experienced reporters, participants will meet each other in Warsaw during 5 weekend conventions (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, mainly during summer months).

The whole course will be based on the specific issues and problems, which participants have noticed and want to change in their communities. The blend of reporter competences with the knowledge of law and local actions will help them initiate the change. They will have a possibility to consult their ideas with the experts while preparing local ‘interventions’. It is also a unique chance to exchange experience with activists working in other parts of Poland.
We want every team accepted in the project Citizens on the horizon to learn how to create a film reportage and recognize their civil rights and obligations. Thanks to that they will be able to act better and more efficiently in the future for the changes they and they neighbors dream about.

The special screening of the recorded reportages and the final meeting of the participants will be held in March 2014 in the cinema Muranów in Warsaw.

The organizer of the project Citizens on the horizon is the New Horizons Association, partner – our Association.
Subject matter cooperation: Civil Network – Watchdog Polska.

For the New Horizons Association the project concerning civil actions is a next, very important step towards using a film as a tool to integrate and to rise discussion: ‘Together with the participants, experts and reporters we want to develop our network of contacts, promote positive actions and attitudes, support civil education on the local level and meet interesting people, places and their problems’ – says Karolina Śmigiel, the project coordinator.

‘In the Homo Faber Association, through the program Good Governing, we seek solutions for changing our surroundings. We undertake actions in the local environment, we try to recognize possibilities of activating more people in the public life, and mainly to integrate their actions in the areas where they live. Working in four voivodeships is a challenge for us. An attempt to stand up to new local contexts. Together with participants we work on scenarios of working in communities based on knowledge and practical skills gained during workshops and the Internet course. We will also consider personal experiences of people participating in the project.’ – Kinga Kulik, consultant on the civil part of the course.
The project is realized with the Swiss support as a part of the Swiss program of cooperation with the new countries of the European Union.

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