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Fot. Paulina Szeliga
Więcej fotek w galerii
According to the research within ten years, the percentage of people with a clearly anti-Semitic views have increased by 10% - from 17% to 27% and the percentage of those clearly rejecting anti-Semitic response decreased by 5%. Also the percentage of people not choosing any response decreased - over the years, opinions had become more pronounced, people have less problems with the declaration of their views. Author of the study tries to comfort us by pointing out that when he was trying to ask more general questions, not directly on the Jews - anti-Semitic responses occured much less frequently8. this can be the proof that the views do not entail action, anti-Semitic beliefs are generally
deeply hidden and are not synonymous with manifesting them in any visible way. Author of the study dealt with the problem of anti-Semitism from many angles - taking into account the faith, religious practice, residence, education and age. the last two factors were the most important. the results of the traditional anti-Semitism was more in line with expectations (the largest percentage among the religious people, poorly educated, older, living in rural areas). the only surprising fact was that there was virtually no change in this rate (11.5% to 11.6%).
The most distinctive variable seems to be age – much more important than faith or education. Younger respond-
ents not only hadn’t declared hostility against the Jews, but also were against it. this trend becomes even clearer
in a study conducted in 2002. Yet still the average modern anti-Semitism for respondents aged 18-24 years was
1.3353 (with 1.8783 for range 25-59 years and 2.1835 for those aged> 59).

Antysemityzm w Polsce i na Ukrainie: raport z badań, red. I. Krzemiński, Warszawa 2004

Members of the group: Justyna Daniło, Kornelia Jaroć, Aleksandra Kozak, Karolina Lenartowicz, Inga Łopuszyńska, Paulina Szeliga, Maciej Ścibisz, Magdalena Wiśniewska

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