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Interwar Lublin


Fot. Aleks Czernicki
Więcej fotek w galerii
Ordinary Jews citizens occupied the periphery of Lublin. They lived among such suburbs as for example Czechów. There was a Jewish cemetery. It was also founded a sports club “Wieniawa” which won the sympathy of the inhabitants. Another was a Jewish suburb of Wola. There were built many tanneries, employing many workers. The Jewish place was also a suburb of Piaski. Many industrial workers and artisans were living there. They were involved in tailoring and running small grocery stores. It was hard to find rich people there. One of the most important places was the Jewish synagogue. The sport center in suburbs of Piaski was the sport club “The Eagle”.
Those who were engaged in trade also lived in cities. The most popular placed for them were the Lubartowska Street, Nowa Street and Ruska Street. Jews were well-educated and had a good preparation to conduct their own business. They had plenty of shops and establishments. The Jewish bazaars were located on the Lubartowska Street. The trade flourished there. You could find everything from fresh vegetables to high-quality meat. Many small shops were assumed, but because of the Christian ban on Sunday trading and the Jewish prohibition of work on Saturday, many owners did not get rewarding profit from there shops. Because of anti-Semitism, the owing of stores for Jews was not easy. In the Jewish neighborhoods grew Polish competition. Many people afforded to eliminate “foreign” trade. Even though, many people preferred to visit Lublin shop run by Jews. They treated their customers with respect and took care of the level of their service.

Members of the group: Iza Wnuk, Patryk Fusiarz, Magda Wiśniewska, Ania Orzeł, Karolina Wąsikowska, Filip Piasecki, Aleks Czernicki

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