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Fot. Tomasz Szykulski
Więcej fotek w galerii
Many times in the past was the idea of racial segregation and superiority of Nordic race spread, but only Nazi Germany went to the extreme in pursuing their beliefs. Concentration camps as well as death camps were the culmination of such assumptions as the main method of purification of Aryan race was by exterminating the ‘lower’ races, mainly Jews and Slavs.
Experiments were carried out on the prisoners for several reasons. First, it was aimed to get new data in order to classify the races correctly, mainly when talking about Jews. Objects of the experiments were chosen on the basis of their physical aspects to create a collection of bones and skulls to be exhibited in a museum in Strasburg.
One of the antropologists responsible for the autopsy in Auschwitz was professor Fleischhacker. During an interview with author K. Kąkolewski he said that width of the head, color of the eyes, skin, hair and shape of the nose were taken into account. On the other hand he said that in fact ‘objects’ were chosen randomly.

Members of the group: Tomasz Szykulski, Bartosz Radomski, Karolina Kowalik, Konrad Kopański, Piotr Kaczyński

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